Lab Microcomputers

Course Description

Today, the application of microcomputers is widespread. Nearly every electronic devices relies on usage of microcontrollers in one way or another. Microcontrollers are flexible, low-power and cost-effective for specific tasks in data processing, communication and information technology, and in measurement and control applications.

This lab course gives insights into the applications of microcomputers and related challenges. The emphasis is on embedded systems, sensors, actuators and bus-based communication.


During this lab course, a sensor for residential and office environments is developed. It measures multiple different environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity and fine dust pollution. The measured data is transmitted to a central instance.
To solve this task, students develop shields for a Raspberry Pi, including sensors, actuators and different other electronic components.

Using KiCAD, schematics and a board layout are developed, and afterwards soldered and tested.

A program to read sensor values and process them, is developed.


In this lab course only a limited number of seats is available. Therefore, a registration is mandatory.

The procedure to register is detailed in the Moodle course.