Lab Microcomputers WS 18/19

Course Description

Today, the application of microcomputers is widespread. Besides the PC like computers, there are microcontrollers, which run in many electronic devices. Microcontrollers are flexible, low-power and cost-effective for specific tasks in data processing, communication and information technology, and in measurement and control applications.

This lab course gives examples for the application of the STM32 L476RG microcontroller by ST, and the involved challenges. The focus is on embedded systems, real time OS, sensors, actuators and wireless communication.


Each team gets a module consisting of a sensor, display or actuator, an STM32 L476RG microcontroller from ST and other electronic parts. Using the CAD software KiCAD a circuit diagram and board layout is to to be designed. After assembling  and testing the board, the microcontroller is programmed in C. The STM32 L476RG has 1MB Flash ROM and 128KB RAM enabling FreeRTOS to be run on the chip.


Registration Period

15.10.2018 08:00 -
17.10.2018 12:00


Introductory Seminar

18.10.2018 13:00 Mandatory

First Lab Session

directly afterwards

Introductory Seminar

General Informationen

  • Lecturer

  • Institute

    Information Resource Management

  • Prerequesites

    Good knowledge in at least one programming language

  • Effort

    V/Ü/P/S 0/0/4/0

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    ENGG 72066

  • Semester

    Summersemester and Wintersemester

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