Praktikum Informationstechnik

Course Description

This lab provides a deeper view in the topic of communication networks, in particular on IP based network protocols. In addition the design and structure of cluster computing systems is covered. Several different hardware platforms with very different capabilities for realising the computing systems are available in order to allow the course participant to understand the possibilities and limits of them for different tasks.

As part of this course starting from very small 2 node cluster systems built from developer boards such as the Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone Black and x86 based systems ultimately cluster systems with more than 30 nodes will be realised.

The systems will be used to investigate the suitability of them for different application use cases and the time to result and the energy efficiency will be determined. Goal is to get the tools and methods to select the most appropriate hardware for given problems.


In this lab course only a limited number of seats is available. Therefore, a registration is mandatory.

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