Annual Report 2010



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Band-Edge Absorption Spectroscopy During MBE GrowthDietmar Wahl and Michael MertensDownload (PDF)
Integrated VCSEL Arrays for Optofluidic SortingAnna BergmannDownload (PDF)
Data Transmission with VCSEL–PIN Transceiver ChipsAlexander KernDownload (PDF)
Fabrication of Integrated VECSELsWolfgang SchwarzDownload (PDF)
Dynamic Characteristics of MEMS Atomic Clock VCSELsAhmed Al-Samaneh and Dietmar WahlDownload (PDF)
Luminescence of GaN/InGaN NanostructuresMohamed FikryDownload (PDF)
Studies on Si-doped AlGaN EpilayersKamran ForghaniDownload (PDF)
Self Separation Process for Full 2”-GaN Wafers in HVPEMartin KleinDownload (PDF)
Semi-insulating GaN by Fe-Doping in HVPEFrank LipskiDownload (PDF)
(10-11) GaN on (11-23) SapphireStephan SchwaigerDownload (PDF)
Properties of Semipolar InGaN QWs Grown on 3D Inverse GaN PyramidsThomas WundererDownload (PDF)
Fabrication of GaN-based Photonic Crystal Structures by Reactive Ion EtchingJunjun WangDownload (PDF)
Laser Structures with Semipolar QWsRobert A.R. LeuteDownload (PDF)
Heat Induced Dynamics of Gold Nanoparticles on Atomically Clean GrapheneBenedikt Westenfelder
Download (PDF)
Photoluminescence Spectroscopy on Semiconductor Disk LasersFrank Demaria and Alexander HeinDownload (PDF)
Bragg Mirrors for OPSDLsAlexander Hein and Frank DemariaDownload (PDF)
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