Annual Report 2014



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Effects of Miscut of PSS and MOVPE Growth Conditions on (11-22) GaNMarian CaliebeDownload (PDF)
Doping Behavior of (11-22)-GaN Grown on Patterned Sapphire SubstratesTobias MeischDownload (PDF)
Internal Quantum Efficiency and Carrier Injection Efficiency of c-plane, {10-11} and {11-22} InGaN/GaN-Based Light Emitting DiodesJunjun WangDownload (PDF)
Selective Area Epitaxy of GaN Stripes With Sub-200 nm PeriodicityRobert A.R. LeuteDownload (PDF)
True-Green Photonic Crystal LED With Semipolar Quantum Wells Based on Embedded GaN Nanostripes: Polarized and Directional Light EmissionRobert A.R. LeuteDownload (PDF)
Defect Reduction in GaN by Facet Assisted Lateral Overgrowth With Hexagonal Mask GeometryMaryam Alimoradi-Jazi and Ferdinand ScholzDownload (PDF)
Ferrocene Doping in Horizontal Hydride Vapor Phase EpitaxyMartin KleinDownload (PDF)
Ordered GaN Nanowires on Nitrogen-Polar GaNDominik HeinzDownload (PDF)
Optically In-Well-Pumped Semiconductor Disk Laser With Low Quantum DefectAlexander Hein and Uwe BrauchDownload (PDF)
Electro–Thermal Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser SimulationMarkus DaubenschüzDownload (PDF)
VCSELs With Record High BirefringTobias PuschDownload (PDF)
Optical and Electrical Investigations on GaAs-Based PhototransistorsSven Bader and Andreas Ziegler
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