Annual Report 2016



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Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser With Thermally Induced BirefringenceTobias Pusch and Eros La Tona
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Parallel-Driven VCSELs With Optically Controlled Current ConfinementSven Bader
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Computation of Transverse Optical Modes
in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
Markus DaubenschüzDownload (PDF)
Parasitic Background Doping in Semipolar GaNMarian Caliebe and Ferdinand Scholz
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Selective Functionalization of GaInN Quantum Well Surfaces for Applications in Biosensing
Using Marker Layers
Dominik Heinz and Martin F. Schneidereit
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Optimizing InGaN Heterostructures for High
Biosensitivity: Simulations Versus Experiments
Martin F. Schneidereit and Dominik HeinzDownload (PDF)
Gas Sensing Using InGaN Quantum WellsJassim Shahbaz
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Growth and Characterization of AlGaN/AlN
Tomáš HubáčekDownload (PDF)
Investigation of AlBN Grown by MOVPEOliver Rettig
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Generation of Ultraviolet Laser Light by Frequency Tripling of a High-Power Infrared Optically Pumped Semiconductor Disk LaserMarkus Polanik and Jakob Hirlinger-AlexanderDownload (PDF)
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