Seminar Talks Summer Term


Frank Demaria
"Photoluminescence Spectroscopy on Optically Pumped Semiconductor Disk Lasers"

   Mohamed Fikry
"Gas Sensitivity of GaN Nanostructures in µ-PL"
01.06.2011Robert Leute
"Selective Epitaxy for Semipolar Lasers"

Junjun Wang
"p-GaN Optimization of 3D Green LEDs"


Alexander Kern
"Full-Duplex Data Transmission with Monolithically Integrated VCSEL-PIN Transceiver Chips"

Martin Klein
"The Effect of MoxN on the Local V-III Ratio in Nitride Vapor Phase Epitaxy"
15.06.2011Wolfgang Schwarz
"Operation of Fluid Cavity VCSELs"
Anna Bergmann
"VCSEL Arrays for the Optical Manipulation of Particles"
22.06.2011Michael Jetter (Institut für Halbleiteroptik und Funktionelle Grenzflächen, Uni Stuttgart)
"In(Ga)P/AlGaInP Based Surface Emitters: Micro Resonator and Semiconductor Disk Laser"

Benedikt Westenfelder
"In Situ High-Resolution TEM Electrical Investigations on Graphene"

Dietmar Wahl
"MBE Calibration for VCSEL Growth"


Dario Schiavon (OSRAM Opto Semiconductors)
"Benchmark of InGaN/GaN LEDs from 440 nm Deep into the Green Gap"

Kamran Forghani
MOVPE Growth of High Quality AlN Epilayers for Deep UV-LEDs"


Ahmed Al-Samaneh
"Optimization and Improvements of VCSELs for Cs-based MEMS Atomic Clocks"

Alexander Hein
"VECSELs for RGB Light Sources"


Benedikt Westenfelder

Dates, Location

Wednesday 14:00-15:00

Room: 43.2.101