Seminar Talks Winter Term

Wednesday, 27.10.2004

Martin Peschke

Spectral Yield of Integrated DFB-EAMs with Lateral Metal Gratings

Brem-Kumar Saravanan

Small Signal Response of Integrated Laser-EAMs after Design Modifications

Wednesday, 03.11.2004

Sicherheit und Laserschutz

Wednesday, 10.11.2004

Martin Santiago

Radiotherapy: In-vivo dosimetry

Wednesday, 17.11.2004



Wednesday, 24.11.2004

Barbara Neubert

InGaN QWs Grown on Facets

Wednesday, 01.12.2004

Philipp Gerlach

High Speed Operation up to 40 Gbit/s of Laser Integrated Electroabsorption Modulator

Eckart Gerster

Quantum Well Pumping and Passive Mode Locking of Semiconductor Disk Lasers

Wednesday, 08.12.2004

Steffen Lorch

Optical Coatings Part VIII (Photothermal Deflection Measurement and Spectral Reflectivity)

Wednesday, 15.12.2004

Peter Brückner

Growth of Defect Reduced GaN

Martin Stach

Towards a Novel Device: Monolithic Integration of a MSM-Photodiode and a VCSEL Part 3: The MSM-Photodiode and the VCSEL

Wednesday, 22.12.2004

Michael Furitsch

Characterization and degradation behavior of blue laser diodes III. Changing the Substrate from SiC to GaN

Christoph Kirchner

MOVPE Growth of High Al-containing Nitride Layers

Wednesday, 12.01.2005

Andrea Kroner

Optical Tweezers: Principle and Experiment

Fernando Rinaldi

AlGaAs VCSEL and much more

Wednesday, 19.01.2005

Tony Albrecht

Efficient OPS Disk-Laser at 920 nm

Ihab Kardosh

Characterisation of 980 nm bottom-emitting devices

Wednesday, 26.01.2005

Frank Demaria

Tapered Laser Amplifiers. A Review

Lutz Stöferle

Untersuchung und Optimierung von Komponenten eines bidirektionalen optischen Übertragungssystems bei 850 nm Wellenlänge

Wednesday, 02.02.2005

Michael Riedl

Improving VECSELs

Hendrik Roscher

Structural Improvements and Functional Redundancy in Flip-Chip Bonded 2-D Arrays of 850 nm High-Speed VCSELs

Wednesday, 09.02.2005

Sarad Thapa

Thermal Improvements to Flip-Chip Bonded 2-D 850 nm VCSEL Arrays for Optical Datacom

Marwan Bou Sanayeh

Fabrication and Characterization of 2-D 850 nm VCSEL Arrays with Built-in Functional Redundancy

Wednesday, 16.02.2005

Johannes Michael Ostermann

Grating and Grating Relief: Polarization Control of High-Power and Enhanced Single-Mode VCSELs