Seminar Talks Winter Term

Wednesday, 19.10.2005

Barbara Neubert

Investigations on Local Ga and In Incorporation of GaInN

Wolfgang Schwarz

Design, Herstellung und Charakterisieung von Terahertz-Emittern

Wednesday, 26.10.2005 (Time:13:30 s.t.)

Johanna May

VCSELs as Laser Source in Optical Tweezers

Joachim Hertkorn

Untersuchungen der Strahlqualität von vertikalemittierenden Laserdioden hoher optischer Ausgangsleistung

Wednesday, 02.11.2005 (Time:13:00 s.t.)

Daniel Supper (External Doktorand from Infineon)

Integration of Mode-selective Reliefs in Hybrid 1300 nm VCSELs

Wednesday, 07.12.2005

Tony Albecht (External from Osram)

Lateral Pumping of Semiconductor Disk Lasers

Wednesday, 14.12.2005

Steffen Lorch

Optical Coatings- Applications

Frank Demaria

Semiconductor Disk Lasers

Wednesday, 21.12.2005

Philipp Gerlach

Monolithically Integrated Absorption Modulated Lasers with Metal Gratings

Sarad Bahadur Thapa

Structural Properties of AlN grown by MOVPE

Wednesday, 18.01.2006

Andrea Kroner

Integrated Optical Traps for Kinetically Locked in Systems

Fernando Rinaldi

Growth and characterization of 760nm VCSELs

Wednesday, 25.01.2006

Faisal Khan

Data Transmission with Fabry-Perot and Distributed Feedback Lasers Operating at 1.3 µm Wavelength

Wednesday, 01.02.2006

Hendrik Roscher

VCSEL Arrays with Redundant Pixel Designs for 10 Gbit/s 2-D Space-Parallel Multimode Fiber Transmission

Ihab Kardosh

Bottom-emitting VCSELs with integrated gratings

Wednesday, 08.02.2006

Michael Riedl

Optimizing Semiconductor Disk Lasers

Michael Furitsch

Comparison of Degradation Mechanisms of Blue-violet Laser Diodes grown on SiC and GaN Substrates

Wednesday, 15.02.2006

Martin Stach

Transceiver chip miniaturization for bidirectional optical data transmission over multimode fiber with 100 µm core

Peter Brückner

HVPE Growth of High Quality GaN Layers