Electrical Engineering

This lecture is part of the International Master of Science Programs: Advanced Materials and Energy Science and Technology and is given in the 1st semester (5 credit points).


  • Basics: Units, SI-System, definition of basic terms
  • Basic electrical engineering: Charge, Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Kirchhoff’s laws, Resistive Circuits, Resistances in series and parallel; network analysis by using series and parallel equivalents, Voltage and Current Dividers, Duality, Node-Voltage analysis, Mesh Current Analysis, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, Superposition principle, linearity, Wheatstone bridge
  • Capacitance and inductance, modelling of real elements, magnetic fields, magnetic circuits, magnetic materials, ideal and real transformers
  • Analysis of transients: First and 2nd order transient circuits, filters, steady-state sinusoidal analysis: Complex impedances, phasors, Fourier transformation, Laplace transformation, Bode diagram
  • Semiconductors: crystal lattice, Brillouin zone, band structure (direct, indirect), carrier statistics, Fermi level, doping, surfaces, interfaces, Hall effect, electrical transport, optical properties, compound semiconductors, hetero interfaces, piezoelectric fields
  • Diode: Depletion layer, diffusion, Schottky and pn-diodes, avalanche breakdown, tunneling, light emission and absorption
  • Bipolar Transistor: Structure, operation; Field Effect Transistor: Structure, operation, enhancement and depletion
  • Devices for measurement instruments: OpAmp
  • Basics of measurement, errors, statistics: Types of errors, probability distributions, error propagation
  • Signal filtering: Analysis of noise, passive and active filters, special devices, signal transmission
  • Digital signal processing: Binary signals and logic operations, signal digitization, digital filtering, concept of microcomputers

You find the script as main complementary information as Download below. Print-outs of the script are available at the Fachschaft Elektrotechnik, Universität Ulm (Uni-West), Albert-Einstein-Allee 45, Room 45.3.103.


  • Ferdinand Scholz
  • Institut für Optoelektronik
  • Albert-Einstein-Allee 45
  • 89081 Ulm
  • Raum: 45.4.204
  • Telefon: (0731) 50-26052
  • Telefax: (0731) 50-26049

Secondary Instructor

Oliver Rettig

Zahra Ghasemi Monfared

Parminder Gill

Masoud Mansouryar



Dates, locations


Monday 10:15h - 12:00h room 43.2.104

Thursday 10:15h - 12:00h room 47.2.101


First Lecture:

Thursday, October 15th Room 47.2.101


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Introductory Electrical Engineering