Our research is mainly concerned with various aspects of software engineering and compiler construction. In particular we concentrate on methods, tools and formalisms for requirements engineering, constraint programming, model driven development, experimental software engineering, formal methods for software development and the design of innovative software tools.


Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Ulm University
D-89069 Ulm

Building O27, Level 4

Phone: +49 (0)731 / 50 - 24161
Fax:      +49 (0)731 / 50 - 24162

Current Publications

Guttmann, Walter
Unifying Recursion in Partial, Total and General Correctness
In Qin, S., editor, Unifying Theories of Programming, Third International Symposium, UTP 2010 Volume 6445 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , page 207-225.
Publisher: Springer-Verlag,
Kohlmeyer, Jens; Guttmann, Walter
Unifying the Semantics of UML 2 State, Activity and Interaction Diagrams
In Pnueli, A. and Virbitskaite, I. and Voronkov, A., editor, Perspectives of System Informatics: 7th International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference, PSI 2009 Volume 5947 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , page 206-217.
Publisher: Springer-Verlag,
Dausend, Marcel; Poguntke, Mark
Spezifikation multimodaler Interaktionsanwendungen mit UML
Mensch & Computer , page 215--224.
Publisher: Oldenbourg Verlag,
Raiser, Frank; Frühwirth, Thom
Strong Joinability Analysis for Graph Transformation Systems in CHR
In Corradini, A., editor, Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Computing with Terms and Graphs (TERMGRAPH 2009) Volume 253 of Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science , page 91-111.
November 2009
Dausend, Marcel; Berton, André; Zilles, Jonas
UML for automotive multi-modal HCI
AutomotiveUI 2009 - First International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, :3
September 2009
Raschke, Alexander
Translation of UML 2 Activity Diagrams into Finite State Machines for Model Checking
35th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA) , page 149-154.
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society,
August 2009