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Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages


Our research topics cover aspects of software engineering and compiler construction. In particular, we focus on requirements engineering methods, formalisms, and tools as well as model-driven software engineering, experimntal software engineering, and development of innovative software tools.

Overview of our research topics


In addition to lectures for Bachelor and Master students, we also offer seminars and projects.

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Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Ulm University
D-89069 Ulm
Building O27, Level 4
Phone: +49 (0)731 / 50 - 2416


Current Publications

Gall, Daniel
Confluence Analysis of Cognitive Models with Constraint Handling Rules
Proceedings of the Workshop on Logic and Practice of Programming (LPoP 2018)
July 2018
Gutbrod, Matthias; Münch, Jürgen; Tichy, Matthias
The Business Experiments Navigator (BEN) - An Approach for Validating Business Models with Experimentation
24th ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference (ICE 2018), Stuttgart, Germany
June 2018
Meißner, Dominik; Erb, Benjamin; Kargl, Frank; Tichy, Matthias
retro-λ: An Event-sourced Platform for Serverless Applications with Retroactive Computing Support
12th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems (DEBS 2018), Hamilton, New Zealand
June 2018
Liebel, Grischa; Tichy, Matthias; Knauss, Eric
Use, Potential, and Showstoppers of Models in Automotive Requirements Engineering
Journal of Software and Systems Modeling,
May 2018
Gall, Daniel; Frühwirth, Thom
Confluence Modulo Equivalence with Invariants in Constraint Handling Rules
In Gallagher J., Sulzmann M., editor, Functional and Logic Programming Volume 10818 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science , page 116-131.
Publisher: Springer,
May 2018
Kögel, Stefan; Tichy, Matthias; Groner, Raffaela; Stegmaier, Michael; Götz, Stefan; Rechenberger, Sascha
Developing an Optimizing Compiler for the Game Boy as a Software Engineering Project
Software Engineering Education and Training Track of the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE SEET 2018), Gothenburg, Sweden
May 2018