Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. habil. Cornelia Herbert (Dipl. Psych.)

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Herbert investigates the behavioral, psychophysiological and neural dynamics of emotion-cognition and mind-body interactions from the perspective of social, cognitive, behavioral and affective neuroscience. Special emphasis is given to how emotional meaning conveyed by language content is decoded in the brain and which emotional reactions and feelings are elicited in return in self as well as in others. Theoretically, her research tests embodied conceptions of emotions and language and explores the role of language in emotion regulation, motivated behavior, social interaction, self-awareness and the generation of feelings.
Dr.  Herbert has developed novel psychological paradigms (such as the HisMine paradigm) that provide insight into how our brain and body process self-related words and emotion-related concepts. The knowledge gained from her research is of relevance for understanding emotion processing in general as well as for understanding affective disorders, eating disorders, disorders of consciousness and the self.  
Her paradigms have been investigated in the context of clinical psychology, neuropsychology, health psychology, sports psychology and brain-computer interaction and aim at the development of novel intervention techniques for the treatment and prevention of health-related and clinical disorders. Methodologically, her research includes neuroscientific as well as peripheral-physiological methods and their mobile and wireless assessment.




Cornelia Herbert
Head of Dept. Applied Emotion and Motivation Psychology

Cornelia Herbert
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Meeting hours
on appointment, Secretariat


Roles and activities

Roles and activities:

  • Head of the EEG-FNIRS-BrainImaging Lab
  • Head of the Sports-Physio-Lab
  • Member of the Center for Trauma Research
  • Member of the Ethics Committee, Ulm University Womens’ representative of the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology, Ulm
  • University Member of the Supervisory Board for Health Promotion in Students, Ulm University
  • Member of the Affectome Project
  • Editor: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Frontiers in Language Sciences (guest editor), BMC Psychology


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