Kristin Mühl, M. Sc.

Since 04/2014Research assistant at the Department of Human Factors of Ulm University
2012 - 2013Student assistant at Berlin Institute of Technology in the project „Toter Winkel LKW“  in cooperation with the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
2011 - 2012Student assistant at Berlin Institute of Technology in the project intuitive use of software „IBIS“
2011 - 2014M.Sc. Human Factors at Berlin Institute of Technology
2009 - 2011Student assistant at Chemnitz University of Technology in the user-centered e-mobility project „Mini E Berlin”
2008 - 2011B.Sc. Psychology at Chemnitz University of Technology 


Kristin Mühl, née Lange
Research Assistant

Kristin Mühl

Consultation hours
on appointment

Research interests

  • Anticipation in dynamic driving situations
  • Driver distraction & multitasking
  • Design of highly automated, cooperative driver assistance

Courses Psychology (BA/ MA) and Cognitive Systems (MA)

  • Seminar „Arbeitsgestaltung“ (SoSe 15, 16, 17, 18, 19)
  • Seminar “Human Factors Grundlagen” (WiSe 16/17, 17/18)
  • Seminar „Usability Methoden“ (WiSe 15/16, 17/18, 18/19)
  • Seminar „Transportation Human Factors“ (SoSe 16, 17, 18)
  • Praktische Übung „Computergestützte Datenanalyse“ (SoSe 14, 15)
  • Empirisches Praktikum Verkehrspsychologie (z.B. „Fahrerablenkung“) (WiSe 14/15, 15/16, 16/17, 18/19)


Publications in Google Scholar


Muehl, K., Stoll, T., & Baumann, M. (2020). Look ahead: understanding cognitive anticipatory processes based on situational characteristics in dynamic traffic situations. IET Intelligent Transport Systems.


Mühl, K., Koob, V., Stoll, T., & Baumann, M. (2019). Driving with foresight-evaluating the effect of cognitive distraction and experience on anticipating events in traffic. In Proceedings of the... international driving symposium on human factors in driver assessment, training and vehicle design (Vol. 2019, pp. 321-327). University of Iowa Public Policy Center.

Walch, M., Woide, M., Mühl, K., Baumann, M., & Weber, M. (2019, September). Cooperative Overtaking: Overcoming Automated Vehicles' Obstructed Sensor Range via Driver Help. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (pp. 144-155).

Mühl, K., Strauch, C., Grabmaier, C., Reithinger, S., Huckauf, A., & Baumann, M. (2019). Get Ready for Being Chauffeured: Passenger’s Preferences and Trust While Being Driven by Human and Automation. Human factors, 0018720819872893.

Strauch, C., Mühl, K., Patro, K., Grabmaier, C., Reithinger, S., Baumann, M., & Huckauf, A. (2019). Real autonomous driving from a passenger’s perspective: Two experimental investigations using gaze behaviour and trust ratings in field and simulator. Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour, 66, 15-28.

Hock, P., Babel, F., Muehl, K., Rukzio, E., & Baumann, M. (2019, September). Online experiments as a supplement of automated driving simulator studies: a methodological insight. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications: Adjunct Proceedings (pp. 282-286).

Mühl, K., & Baumann, M. Vor (her) sehen im Straßenverkehr-Untersuchung antizipatorischer Prozesse in dynamischen Verkehrssituationen. Tagungsband.