M.Sc. Sarah Karrasch

Sarah Karrasch studied psychology and school psychology at the University of Tübingen from 2013 - 2018. From October 2016 to December 2018, she did research as part of a research internship and her bachelor's and master's thesis in the Department of Clinical & Biological Psychology, focusing on the investigation of psychological stress and protective factors in rescue workers of the German Red Cross.  During her master thesis she was a student assistant in this research department.

Since January 2019 she is a Ph.D. student at the department of Clinical & Biological Psychology at Ulm University. Her main focus is the investigation of the efficacy of hypnotherapy on a biomolecular level.


M.Sc. Sarah Karrasch
Doctoral candidate

Sarah Karrasch
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Research interests

  • Psychological stress of rescue service employees as a result of critical incidents
  • Efficacy of hypnotherapy on a biomolecular level
  • Comparison of trauma-focused therapy methods (cognitive-behavioural vs. psychodynamic) for a better understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder after childhood maltreatment


  • Psychological stress and protective factors among rescue service employees of the German Red Cross
  • Improving treatment and understanding of post-traumatic stress disorders associated with child abuse in adults

Further education & workshops

  • Werkstattsymposium „Spannungsfeld Mensch und Emotionen im Arbeitskontext“, Initiative Gesundheit und Arbeit & Technische Universität, Juli 13-17, Dresden, Deutschland.
  • Training as clinical hypnotherapist at the Klingenberg Institute for Clinical Hypnosis under Prof. Bongartz, January-November 2019, Constance, Germany.
  • Workshop "Learning from trauma and loss in evidence based treatment" in the16th European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies Conference, July 13, Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Winter term 2019/2020

  • Seminar "Dissociation - Aetiology, biological correlates and therapy" (Master, Psychology)

Summer term 2019

  • Seminar "Relaxation Methods and Hypnosis in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy"(Bachelor, Psychology)


Behnke, A., Rojas R., Karrasch, S., Hitzler, M., Kolassa I.-T. (in press). Emotionally burdensome aspects of emergency medical service missions: Prevalence in traumatic incidents and association with rescue workers’ mental and physical stress symptoms. Frontiers.

Karrasch, S., Hitzler, M., Kolassa, I.-T. (submitted). Biomolekulare Folgen von chronischem und traumatischem Stress und deren Reversibilität durch Psychotherapie: die Rolle von Entspannungssverfahren und Hypnose. Verhaltenstherapie.

Karrasch, S., Behnke, A., Hitzler, M., Rojas, R. (in prep.). Chronic stress and trauma in emergency rescue service – the impact of individual resilience and vulnerability factors. Article in preparation.

Behnke A., Krumbholz A., Karrasch S., Schelling G., Kolassa I.-T., Rojas, R. & Karabatsiakis A. (in prep.). Cortisol and endocannabinoid profiling in hair of emergency medical rescue workers: Cross-sectional associations with work-related and traumatic stress as well as mental and physical stress symptoms.


Karrasch, S., Behnke A., Rojas, R., Karabatsiakis, A. & I.-T., Kolassa (2019). Childhood maltreatment compromises rescue workers’ resilience against occupational trauma exposure: A cross-sectional study. Poster presentation in the16th European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies Conference, July 14-16, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Rojas, R., Behnke, A., Karrasch, S., Conrad, D., & Kolassa, I.-T. (2018). Der Einfluss von Coping auf tätigkeitsbezogene Belastung im Rettunsdienst. Konferenzvortrag auf dem 51. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie, September 15-20, Frankfurt, Deutschland.