Accompanying research

The aim of the project during the next few years is to improve instruction in higher education and especially to enhance the study entrance sustainable. Therefore, we offer students and teachers of all faculties numerous didactical methods to improve the instruction in higher education as well as study conditions. The project is sponsored as part of the Qualitätspakts Lehre of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The accompanying research plays a central role within the project. It has the intention to evaluate the effectiveness of the project activities. The accompanying research pursues the objective to survey the effects of the activities, which are developed in the context of the project UULM PRO MINT & MED, on study-oriented factors like achievement, motivation, learning strategies, and other factors of psychological interest.

During the first phase of project funding, the focus of the research laid on the questioning of the students and intervention studies. Now, during the second phase, the focus lies on individual questions in the field of didactic.

For further information, please visit our project website.

Here you can find the current flyer with selected results of the accompanying research within the first phase of project funding.

First results of the accompanying research was presented at the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft". Lisa Respondek gave a Science Slam and presented first results in an entertaining way (Video YouTube).

Here you can find a list of publications within the project.

You have or need new didactic ideas that you wish to analysis together with us? We will be pleased to assist you and are looking forward to your suggestions and demands. 

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Promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

October 2016 till december 2020

Project leadership:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Pollatos

Involved constitutions:

Dept. Learning and Instruction
Centre for Teaching Development
International office
Central student advisory services
Communication and Information Centre

Contact person in the Dept. Learning and Instruction:

Prof. Dr. Tina Seufert
Dr. Daniel Schropp
Dipl.-Psych. Lisa Respondek

Kind of project:

Third party funded project