The following information will help you towards a successful application within our selection procedures.

PhD Selection Procedure

Formal admission requirements:

  • A Master of Science degree, a German university „Diplom“, a German state examination or an equivalent degree in either the life sciences, physics, chemistry, electrical or electronic engineering, materials science or a related field.
  • An overall above average grade, usually of 2,0 or better, according to the German grading system.
  • Specifying the application to one of the Vacancies.

Application & selection procedure

  • Candidates who meet our formal admission criteria enter the preevaluation process, where applications are
    • screened concerning their fitting into PULMOSENS projects by at least two representatives of PULMOSENS based on CV, academic background and motivation,
    • and invited to submit further application material where necessary.
  • Positively evaluated applicants are then invited to a phone interview conducted by at least two representatives of PULMOSENS.
  • The most potential candidates are thereafter invited to a PhD Selection Day taking place at Ulm University. On these days, applicants give an oral presentation in English on the topic of their master thesis and are personally interviewed by representatives of PULMOSENS. They also have the opportunity to meet the project leaders of the PhD projects for which they have applied. The list of currently vacant projects is found here.

Following our PhD Selection Days, applicants will be admitted to the PhD program on condition that

  • The candidate’s oral presentation and the personal interviews have been evaluated with an overall grade of 2,0 or better according to the German grading system.
  • The applicant has demonstrated above average English language skills during the presentation and the personal interviews.
  • A potential supervisor has given a written statement accepting the applicant as a PhD student in the selected open project.


Important Remarks

  • All documents must be combined into a single PDF file.
  • All submitted documents must be in English or German. If original documents are not in English or German, certified translations are required. Please provide copies of the original documents AND translations!
  • Applicants from abroad who are invited to our PhD Selection Days can request financial support to cover their travel costs.
  • The presentation at Ulm University is part of our selection procedure and cannot be replaced by a phone interview.
  • Please note again that applicants who succeed in the PhD Selection Days can only be accepted for the research training group if they have been accepted by a supervisor from Ulm University.

International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine

The medical projects of PULMOSENS are embedded into the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm. All applicants who apply for the medical projects within the Research Training Group PULMOSENS are automatically members of IGradU after successful completion of the application procedure and admission to PULMOSENS.