The research training group PULMOSENS, which has been granted by the DFG in May 2016 to start in October 2016, is focused on innovating sensory methods and its application to the functional examination of the lung epithelium under physiological and pathophysiological conditions. For this purpose novel measurement systems will be developed for single cells, differentiated epithelia, epi-endothelial co-cultures as well as the whole organ.

In the medical field, scientific goals are to gain elementary knowledge for pulmonary function under physiological and pathophysiological conditions, while the development of innovative methods for integrated sensory and analytical systems are intended on the engineering and natural sciences side. These systems will enhance the detection sensitivity and spatial resolution as well as enable multimodal measurements, or such systems are developed which are specialized in the lung epithelium, and which allow new approaches to elucidate mechanisms at the molecular, cellular level and on organ level. Using extensive collaboration of engineers, natural scientists and medical researchers, as well as by the cooperative integration of external users it will be assured that the new concepts are continuously checked for their practical relevance. On long term, the methodological/technological advancements shall be utilized in diagnostics and therapy.

Further fundamental objective

A further fundamental objective of PULMOSENS is the joint training of young scientists in a very interdisciplinary context between the life sciences, natural sciences and engineering sciences to break down the language barriers at an early stage of their scientific career, and to further strengthen the interdisciplinary research profile of Ulm University.

Young scientists are centrally involved and promoted within PULMOSENS. In engineering and the natural sciences, the research subject of PULMOSENS is also considered as a measure to enhance the attractiveness to female young researchers. Through cooperation with the study programs of the involved faculties the visibility of PULMOSENS to students is increased. Cooperation with UULM PROMint&MED will improve the research starting phase and PhD process.