Equal opportunities

Ulm University identifies a gender-sensitive academic and university culture as key importance and is committed to gender equality measures. The equality policy of Ulm University is therefore based on the Mission Statement on Equality passed by the Senate of Ulm. The Mission Statement supports the cultural change towards a gender-oriented view of science and university, which is anchored at all levels, especially in the decentralized units.

Ulm University defines the following three priorities in its gender equality policy:

  1. Equality in appointment procedures to increase the number of women in particular in leading  positions.
  2. Specific support for female early career researchers.
  3. To increase and balance the number of women  in all university committees according to the gender proportion, which results from the subject-specific gender distribution.

The Board of Ulm University  together with Equal Opportunities Officer has put together a Mission Statement on Equality. It is a commitment to fair and equitable structures at all levels.  

The Research Training Group PULMOSENS strives to achieve a high level of attractiveness for female early career researchers by linking the topics of life sciences with engineering/technology. It is the goal that female role models and their significant involvement exemplify for female and male doctoral researchers the  compatibility of family and work along with a balanced gender relationship.

At the moment 46% of the doctoral researchers in PULMOSENS are female and 54% are male. To date, the proportion of female project leaders is increased by 50% from the date of project approval. Currently, the percentage of female project leaders is 31% and 33% in the Steering Board.

PULMOSENS strives to create an accepting, integrative, and diverse culture by identifying and eliminating hidden problems such as unconscious bias.  

Gender program

Mentoring und Training (MuT)-Program  - Career Support for (Early Career) Female Researchers

PULMOSENS supports the participation in the Mentoring-Program MuT for female early career researchers. MuT assists highly qualified female scientists in developing their scientific careers by offering a mentoring and training program. The program enables female early career researchers to qualify in mentoring, training, and networking, and helps them to maximize their career potential. Participants can attend workshops and seminars to improve their professional abilities and social skills. Further information on MuT can be found here.
Please note, that a good passive comprehension of German is necessary to participate in these programs.

Child Care

In order to enable PhD students with children to pursue their work, PULMOSENS offers different childcare programs for parent students.
Our childcare programs provide financial support for child-care during meetings and conferences, stays abroad and for childcare services outside the regular business hours of day care centers.

Technical Assistants during Pregnancy

Pregnant women are in many cases not allowed to perform experiments in the lab. Upon application, PULMOSENS can finance technical assistants who conduct experiments for female PhD students during pregnancy and maternity leave, regulated by law. This enables female PhD students to continue their PhD work during pregnancy and after.