PULMOSENS wants to offer its PhD students ideal conditions to persue their PhD projects and broadly and interdisciplinarily qualfiy and to boost their future scientific or industrial careers. Therefore, PULMOSENS implements several programmes to support the fellows in this context.

In particular, international students, pregnant PhD students and PhD students with children need special attention and support. We offer practical help, financial support and social programmes which enhance the integration of international students and supports fellows with children. Furthermore, we finance starting grants to excellent individuals to bridge a period of 6-12 months between the finalization of PhD studies and the start of a postdoctoral position to apply for their own research funding, we grant a mobility program and many more.

Mobility Program

PULMOSENS funds of course the active participation of PhD students at national and international conferences in the subject area of PULMOSENS.

Mini-internships to external research institutions, lasting from several days to multi week stays, can be funded, where  the fellows can learn new methods in the field of biosensors and their application and can bring this expertise into PULMOSENS.

Medicine for Engineers

In addition to the curriculum, the scholarship holders can also participate in the established medicine course for engineers through the University of Ulm. This course is excellent for physics, chemistry and engineers to break down the language barrier to medicine.