PULMOSENS’ qualification program is together with the scientific goals the second focus of the graduate training program. Ensuring a particularly high degree of qualification of the PhD students is a key leitmotif. The qualification program is designed specifically with an interdisciplinar approach around the central idea vonPULMOSENS, and it supports PhD students regarding the academic qualifications in the subjects of biomedical sensors, medical basics and with respect to soft skills. This combination will give the fellows a high level of expertise beyond the pure project work such that they develop excellent skills for future scientific and industrial careers.

The central and unique element of the study program is the integration of aspects of participating 6 divisions, meaning electrical engineering, materials science, chemistry, physics, medicine and biology; PULMOSENS promises  a high interdisciplinary qualification by overcoming the different terminologies and mutual training.

The qualification concept also cooperates with the existing structures of the International Graduate School of Molecular Medicine (IGradU), in particular the doctoral program of Experimental Medicine or their seminars. Furthermore, PULMOSENS fellows can participate the events of the collaborative research centre  SFB-1149.