Study program

PULMOSENS PhD students will benefit from various study modules within 5 different tracks.

Study program

Lecture series

within every semester, where the principal investigators and invited speakers present on PULMOSENS topics.


run by the fellows of PULMOSENS who present their own scientific work in this context and who can present special publications on their own field of research.

Workshops / retreats

in which the principal investigators, all doctoral researchers and other guests meet every six months to present the progress of the overall graduate training group.

Good Scentific Practice (GSP)

a seminar of the Graduate School of Molecular Medicine (IGradU) is offered to PULMOSENS fellows, which covers the theoretical, ethical and practical aspects of scientific work within a twelve-hour block course.

Core modules

offered from the curricula of the involved faculties. This offer provides another possibility of specialization in a self-chosen area to PULMOSENS fellows.

Further offers

can be voluntarily done by the fellows, such as Summer/Winter Schools, excursions or offers in the field of applied key qualifications (ASQ) offered by Ulm University. Furthermore, there are also courses taught by the Institute of Psychology and Education e.g. in teaching methods, presentation techniques, personnel and project management.