Gender Program

Mentoring und Training (MuT)-Programm  - Career Support for (junior) Female Academics

The Graduate School supports the participation in the Mentoring-Programme MuT for junior female academics. MuT assists highly qualified female scientists in developing their scientific careers by offering a mentoring and training programme. The programme enables young women to qualify in mentoring, training, and networking, and helps them to maximize their career potential. Participants can attend workshops and seminars to improve their professional abilities and social skills. Further information on MuT can be found here.

Please note, that a good passive comprehension of German is necessary to participate in this programs!

Child Care

In order to enable PhD students with children to pursue their work, PULMOSENS offers different childcare programmes for parent students.

Our childcare programmes provide financial support for child care during meetings and conferences, stays abroad and for child care services outside the regular business hours of day care centres.

Technical Assistants during Pregnancy

In Germany, pregnant women are in many cases not allowed to perform experiments in the lab. Upon application, PULMOSENS can finance technical assistants who conduct experiments for students during pregnancy and maternity leave, regulated by law. This enables female students to continue their PhD work during pregnancy and after.