How to apply for an account

In order to obtain an account, an application form must be submitted to the SGI, which has previously been created and printed out on a computer in the Windows pool. This is done as follows:

At any computer in the Windows pool, you log in with the login name "antrag", the password is "antrag", just like the login name.

After a few moments an application form will appear on the screen. Fill it out.

An account application form and a leaflet about the pool will now be printed out. The printer is located next to the pool entrance.

You sign the form and hand it in in room O27/245, presenting your student ID card. The second flyer is for you. It contains your account name, which consists of your initials and a consecutive number.

After a few days, usually the next day, your account will be set up.

If any problems occur, ask any pool user for help. All pool users have already gone through this procedure. Alternatively you can of course come directly to us (room O27/245).


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