Is available on all machines in the form of sound jacks on the front of the machines. Headphones are allowed, loudspeakers are not, because other pool users could be disturbed. Microphones should be seen as if you were telephoning: in an emergency yes, but even with them you are probably disturbing other users!


Is available on all machines, sockets are available on the front of each machine. (Since USB front sockets are known for poor quality, especially if you connect a long USB cable to them again: you may also connect devices to the USB sockets at the back of the case. But of course you have to crawl under the table to do so :-).

Memory sticks and USB drives are supported by us. Other USB devices are generally accepted by us, but without support. In case of doubt you can always ask us for support.


Firewire is not officially supported in the pool so far, mainly because there is no demand for it yet. In principle, Firewire should work on the following machines (others may have a Firewire connector that is not connected internally)
O27 pool: N/A
O28 pool: scanner computer and PC83 ... PC98

Card reader

At the scanner computer in O28 there is a card reader available, which (hopefully) understands all formats.

Network access for private notebooks

For this purpose, the KIZ provides its own network, with which the SGI has nothing to do. Corresponding network sockets are available in the pools and marked accordingly. All other network sockets and/or network cables must not be used.

The network of the KIZ is of course also accessible via WLAN.


DVD burner/-Roms can be found in:
O28 pool: PC41-PC64 (burner)
O28 pool: PC83-PC98 (read-only)

InfraRecorder" is installed for burning.

Antiques: Zip, floppy, ...

Here applies in general: ask us. We still have a Zip drive, a USB 3.5" floppy drive and with a bit of luck also what you need urgently!


The computer "Scanner2" in pool O27/234 is equipped with a scanner. For scanning simply follow the operating instructions attached to the scanner.

There is also "Scanner" in the pool O28/1001 with operating instructions on site. O28 offers a sheet feeder, therefore the scanner is a little peculiar.

Longer-term use of these scanner machines is not allowed. Please do the image processing on one of the normal pool machines.

Other private hardware

Private hardware may not be connected, unless explicitly mentioned on this page. In justified individual cases, however, you are welcome to inquire with us.


The screen resolution can be set individually by the user. For flat screens, however, this is not really useful, since it works in the meantime that the operating system finds the best mode by itself.


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