Should the disk space run out, SGI reserves the right to delete some or all of the data in order to maintain operation. (Never been necessary before, but you never know.) Really important data should therefore always be kept somewhere as an additional copy.


<kürzel> must be replaced with your own account name, such as "xy27".muss durch den eigenen Accountnamen ersetzt werden, also etwa "xy27".

The only record you have to know:
H:  /home/<kürzel> "Home" space for private data Details

additional disks:
%temp% /tmp "Temp" temprorary data Details
P:  /import/groups "Praktika" in general you can just ignore this Details

You should not use any other disks or directories, because we do not guarantee anything here.

H:/ under linux Linux /home/<kürzel>

Here you can store your files.

Each user (account) may use a maximum of 8 GByte on this disk. (However, the "Windows profile" of your account must also fit in. Details can be found at the bottom of this page). If more space is used, a warning mail will be sent on the first day of the overrun. On the second day the account will be locked. To unlock the account again, you must personally report to the SGI administration.

%temp% bzw. C:\Users\<kürzel>\AppData\Local\Temp /under linux Linux /tmp

Located on the local disk of the computer you are working on. Files stored here are machine-specific, but you should consider them persistent even for one login only.

Be careful, because files can also disappear here, e.g. /tmp on Unix is automatically emptied on every reboot. Care should also be taken under Linux, because /tmp is common to all users, and files can become public without protection.

Temporary files are ideally placed here, since no transfer over the network is necessary. Especially the cache of Internet browsers, such as Firefox, belongs here.

P: /under linux /import/groups

Interesting here are only the subdirectories, which are pointed to specifically, e.g. at the beginning of a lecture. All other subdirectories can be ignored.

The directories here are event or project specific or are part of the pool installation. In general the directories here are locked for the general public.


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