Network structure

All computers and printers in the pools are connected to central switches via switches, one or two per row of tables. The latter are connected to the Internet via the data center's network structure. Where necessary, VLAN ensures that the Linux and Windows pools each form their own logical subnet (134.60.209.x and 134.60.208.x respectively). VLAN is also used to logically integrate pool O28/1001 into the same subnet of the rest of the Windows pool. The servers and the workshop and employee computers are also connected to one of the central switches.


All servers are operated under Unix and provide their services for all pools in parallel. Thus, for example, the home directories in Linux and Windows pools are identical. The most important tasks of the servers in detail are each

  •     Psi
    User administration (LDAP)
    Windows Primary Domain Controller
    Home directories
    Group drives
  •     Prsrv
    all virtual printer queues

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