Cleanliness in the Pool ...

Unfortunately there are some users who neglect order and cleanliness. Therefore:

  •     Eating and drinking is forbidden!
  •     Use trash can (sounds trivial, but apparently it is not)
  •     Leave the workplace as it was found (or cleaner)
  •     If something does happen - let us know!

By the way, we almost never had to throw someone out of the pools - except for this very reason.

Copyright protection ...

It should be pointed out again that there is a copyright protection! Even if a major German trade journal is of the opinion that downloading copyrighted data (music, text, video) is generally not a punishable offence, there are still some points to consider:

  •     The user regulations forbid the use of the pool for non-study-related activities!
  •     The jurisdiction concerning the Internet is currently still quite "arbitrary". Legislation has yet to adapt to the Internet.
  •     If you make protected material available for everyone to read, you already become a provider. This is in any case punishable, and we are actively pursuing this.
  •     The film and music industry is currently making massive efforts to combat piracy on the Internet. Therefore, illegal files are being actively searched for and legal action is being taken. One should not forget that one always leaves traces on the Internet!
  •     Illegal actions can damage the reputation of the university in general, which is to the detriment of all students. Especially if illegal material is offered, permanent damage can occur!
  •     See also the following circular letter from the Rector:
  •     Circular23-2004: "...the exchange of copyrighted works through peer-to-peer (P2P) programs is to be prohibited..."

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