This list is for overview purposes only and only gives a snapshot of the installation (see date below). In case of doubt, please check the pool to see if or in which version a software is installed in the pool.

Version numbers do not appear here, as we prefer to keep the pool up to date rather than the documentation.
The version numbers can usually be found directly in the start menu.
We prefer 64-bit versions.

Installed Software

The following list is divided according to our start menu.

EMACS TextEditor
Notepad++ TextEditor
Vim Texteditor

Chrome Webbrowser
Internet Explorer Firefox, Chrome, Opera alternative
K-Meleon Webbrowser
Miranda Instant Messenger
Firefox Webbrowser
Thunderbird Mail Client
Opera Webbrowser
Pidgin Instant Messenger
SecureDownloadManager Downloader for MSDNAA-Seite
Putty SSH- und Telnet-Client
SSH SecureShell SSH- und SCP-Client

MARS MIPS-Prozessor simulator
Matlab mathematics program
7-Zip compression program
Altera Suite ModelSim Altera, Nios II EDS, Quartus II WebEdition
Eagle Elektronik CAD System: Schaltpläne und Platinenlayouts erstellen
IBM DB2 Datenbank Client
IBM Rational Doors  
Maple mathematics program
RidNacs reclaim disk space

Media Player Classic  
Adobe Master Collection Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, ...
Adobe Flex Builder  
K-Lite Codec Pack  
QuickTime Alternative  
Real Alternative  
VLC Media Player  

Bloodshed Dev-C++ C++ Compiler
Eclipse Eclipse - IDE
JCreator LE Java IDE
NetBeans Java IDE
SICStus Prolog Prolog
SWI-Prolog Prolog
ActivePerl Perl Interpreter
ActivePython Python Interpreter
Git version control software
IBM Rational  
ICE The Internet Communications Engine
Microsoft Visual Studio IDE for several programming languages
R Statistik programing language
TortoiseCVS CVS version control software
TortoiseSVN Subversion version control

Acrobat Distiller  
Adobe Acrobat  
Adobe LiveCycle Designer nbsp;
TexMaker Latex Editor
Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project
MikTex LaTex für Windows
Open Office Alternative zu MS Office
Texnic Center Latex Editor

Adobe Reader PDF-Viewer
FreePDF Virtual printer: creates  PDF-files
Ghostscript Postscript Interpreter
Ghostview Postscript Viewer
IrfanView Image viewer

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