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The SGI drives can also be accessed from home. This little How-To shows an easy way with the SCP or SFTP protocol, which guarantees practically tap-proof data transfer.


The program "WinSCP" used in the following is available free of charge e.g. at

Fill out the first form as follows; for user name and password, of course, the own, login last click:

The following window appears the first time you connect:

If the framed value is correct, then you can be almost absolutely sure that nobody is falsely claiming to be "login.informatik.uni-ulm.de". Further ⇒ click on Yes.

An explorer-like window appears, but it is divided into two parts:

On the left you navigate on your own PC, on the right on the data in the SGI. Copying is done by simple drag-and-drop into the drive/directory that is currently displayed.

After logging in, you are in the home directory by default (H:, or /home/SGI abbreviation). The temp directory (T:) is located in /import/temp/SGI shortcuts/, the share directory (S:) in /import/share, and the P: drive in /import/pgm. (All the usual Unix paths.)

Deleting is also possible, e.g. simply by pressing the [Del] key.


Under Linux the scp protocol is of course also available. One way to use it is simply from the command line, similar to the cp command:
    scp <from> <to>
For <from> and <to> you may add the usual path names at the front:
    <user name>@<computer name>:<path name>
Important is the colon between computer name and path name!

Two examples:
    scp something.txt xy3@login.informatik.uni-ulm.de:
copies the file to the target machine, (password is requested, login happens in the background), in the home directory of xy3.
    scp -r ms67@login.informatik.uni-ulm.de:/home/ms67/Desktop/ .
copies desktop, because of -r the whole tree, to the local machine.


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