... is generally allowed, under our own responsibility (license?).

Of course you have to install your own software on the H: drive or under Linux in your own home directory, which is at the expense of your own disk quota. Alternatively, you can ask us in the SGI if something can be preinstalled. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't, depending on a lot of things like whether licenses have to be paid for or whether the software is of general interest.

Viruses/trojan horses ...

... you sometimes install accidentally. In order to protect you from this, we set some places on Windows to read-only at every login, which might prevent you from installing a software you want to install, or, if it goes wrong, uninstall a Trojan you have already caught. Which places we set to read-only varies, but we offer a script that unlocks all places. To be used manually after a login, works until logout. You can find it under
  start → All Programs → SGI → undo_read_only(.bat)


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