Presentation pool

The pool in O28/1001 is also intended as a presentation pool for events. The front or rear half, each with 24 machines, has, in addition to the normal screens, additional screens on which a picture can be displayed from a central location. Additionally, there is an audio system with radio microphone. The two halves can also be coupled for large events.


To the occupancy plan of the pool
If an event takes place, please, as a normal pool user, clear the machines on request.


Reservation requests to J. Siedenburg, joerg.siedenburg(at)delete.this(at), O27/245, phone. 24204
Typically, the following questions have to be clarified for the reservation:

  •     Access to the room: are student cards available or is a key required?
  •     Access to the computers: do the participants already have their own accounts or are they needed separately? If they are needed: Which password should these accounts have?
  •     Which software is needed? Standard software is of course available. Special software requests must be communicated to us in time, i.e. as early as possible! (Under two weeks lead time it becomes very tight).

Possibly useful for planning: Schema plan of the room (at the bottom of the page)


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