Script printing system

The script printing system is compatible with every valid account of the SGI pools and can be reached under
This URL can also be found directly in the start menu of the Windows pools under Start → SGI → Script printing system.

The scripts are printed on a special printer and laid out several times a day in room 2204 (copier room). They are laid out as required and can take up to / rarely more than two hours.

In the script printing system, scripts of courses are provided which can be printed free of charge / without a printing quota. Only these scripts can be printed, own printouts are not possible here.

Only scripts of courses in computer science can be entered. If you are authorized to do so, i.e. if you are the organizer and do not know how to submit scripts, please contact us at the SGI. (If you are a student, you can point this out to the organizer and ask us).

Each user may print a maximum of 20 scripts per week (precisely: within the last 7 days). This is unfortunately necessary, because some students probably still live in the age of hunters and gatherers. If you urgently need more at short notice, please come and see us.


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