Eclipse Environment for Graph Transformation Systems based on CHR

  • supports creation of GTS (visually and from CHR code)
  • supports execution of GTS
  • extensible analysis platform

Complete Eclipse environment with all dependencies: here
Documentation via diploma thesis from Mathias Wasserthal: here

State Equivalence and Confluence Checker

A SWI-Prolog-based checker for state equivalence of CHR states and confluence of terminating CHR programs has been developed by Johannes Langbein under supervision by Frank Raiser.

The programs, including tests, user manual and licencing information, are available here.


We present MTSeq, an application that combines GUI-driven multi-touch input
technology with the CHR-based music generation system APOPCALEAPS and an advanced audio engine. This combination leads to an extended user experience and an intuitive, playful access to the CHR music generation system, and thus introduces
CHR to musicians and other non-computer-scientists in an appropriate way. The application is fully modularized and its parts are loosely interconnected through a
standard IP networking layer, so it is optionally distributable across multiple machines.

This video demonstrates the usage and capabilities of MTSeq.