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Proseminar Logic-based programming languages

The Proseminar is a platform to learn about, analyze and evelaute recent research approaches. Furthermore, it enhances presentation skills of scientific content by literature review, preparation of a scientific report, presentation and discussion of selected texts: The students familiarize themselves with their chosen topic, prepare a written report, give a scientific talk of their topic and participate in the discussion of the other presentations.

Topic: Computational Psychology

Computational psychology is a research field at the interface of psychology and computer science. Psychological models of cognitive features such as memory, vision, deduction are implemented in computational models that are analyzed and simulated. The results of the simulations can be compared with results from experimental psychology to gain new knowledge about the underlying cognitive processes and their models.

The proseminar introduces into the topic, its fundamental aspects and in more detail the production rule system ACT-R. The topics deal with the basic workflow in computational psychology, parts of the theory behind ACT-R and some simple example models.