Former member of the department of programming methodology and compiler construction.

e-mail: tobias.haeberlein (at)
e-mail: tobias.haeberlein (at)

Academic Curriculum Vitae

since 09.2006 <a href="">Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen</a>
02.2004-08.2006 Staff member at DaimlerChrysler Research
11.1999-12.2003 Scientific Research Assistant at University of Ulm, Department of Programming Methodology and Compiler Construction
Guest Researcher at DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology
02.1999-10.1999 Software Engineer at Alfaplan Management Software und Consulting GmbH
11.1997-03.1998 Internship at Hewlett-Packard in Böblingen in the Field of Document Management
10.1993-12.1998 Student of Computer Science at the University of Ulm

Research Interests

  • Software Process Modeling
  • Software Process Assessment
  • Software Quality Engineering
  • (Interactive) Simulation of Software Processes
  • Simulating and Understanding Software (Acquisition) Processes through System Dynamics
  • Functional and Higher-Order Programming


  • Tobias Häberlein<br /><i>Common Structures in System Dynamics Models of Software Acquisition Projects</i><br />Software Process Improvement and Practice 9: 67-80, 2004<br />(An extended and revised version of the ProSim'03 paper)
  • Olga Jaufman, Axel Dold, Tobias Häberlein, Claudia Schlumpberger, Michael Stupperich, Niko Kleiner<br /><i>Requirements for Flexible Software Development Processes within Large and Long Taking Projects</i><br />Proceedings of the 5th Meeting for Quality in Information and Communications Technology (QUATIC'04), Porto, Portugal, October 2004
  • Tobias Häberlein<br /><i>A Framework for System Dynamic Models of Software Acquisition Projects</i><br />International Workshop on Software Process Simulation and Modeling (ProSim'03), Portland, May 2003<br />(Co-located with the International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE'03)
  • Tobias Häberlein, Thomas Gantner<br /><i>Process-Oriented Interactive Simulation of Software Acquisition Projects</i><br />First Eurasian Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Technology, Shiraz, October 2002<br />Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2510, pages <a href="">806-815</a>, Springer-Verlag
  • Thomas Gantner, Tobias Häberlein<br /><i>GARP - The Evolution of a Software Acquisition Process Model</i><br />7th European Conference on Software Quality 2002, Helsinki, June 2002<br />Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2349, pages <a href="">186-196</a>, Springer-Verlag

Ph.D. Thesis

  • Tobias Häberlein<br /><i>Understanding Software Acquisition through Modeling and Simulation</i><br />Logos-Verlag, ISBN <a href=";lng=deu&amp;id=">3-8325-0601-2</a>, 2004