Algebra of Computing

In this project I devise algebraic descriptions of computation models for sequential systems. A particular aim is to structure and unify the diversity of models described in the literature. To this end, I give axioms for key aspects of the models, for example, the infinite executions of a computation.

  • Some axioms are common to many models and frequently suffice to derive complex results, for example, program transformations and refinement rules for program development.
  • Individual models are characterised by adding specific axioms to the common ones, so that the resulting theories and methods specialise in various ways useful for different application areas.

According to the assumed axioms, the models are organised in a hierarchy of algebraic structures, the algebras of computing.

The theories are described by first-order axioms and ideally suited for support by automated theorem provers and SMT solvers. I implement them in Isabelle based on algebraic theories developed jointly with Georg Struth (Sheffield) and Tjark Weber (Cambridge). Our joint work applies the theory to perform automated reasoning about computing systems.

Research Grant

General correctness: algebraic foundations and mechanisation
DAAD Postdoc fellowship as visiting researcher at the University of Sheffield, April 2010 - March 2011


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