Jeffrey Young

My main research interest lies in the intersection of an emerging programming
paradigm called variational programming and satisfiability solvers. The central
thrust of my research is in the creation, design and exploration of variational
satisfiability solvers and their possible applications in areas as diverse as
software product lines and type theory. The goal of my current work is to gain a
deeper understanding of variation as a computational phenomena that is induced
into software systems by external factors such as a host system, time, or
end-user requirements; with satisfiability solvers being one such example.

Besides my work on variational satisfiability solvers I am an expert in
functional programming, programming languages and type theory and have am
interested in dependent types, extremely extensible homoiconic languages, and
relational or constraint based programming. In addition to research I enjoy
community building and contributing to the open source community (mostly in the
Haskell community). I founded the Oregon State University functional programming
club two years ago and am quite proud that it is still alive and meets weekly.


Summer Term 2020

Seminar - Features of Programming Languages: Main Contact



Young, Jeffrey; Walkingshaw, Eric
A Domain Analysis of Data Structure and Algorithm Explanations in the Wild
Proceedings of the 49th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA

Jeffrey Young

Jeffrey Young
Research Assistant
Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages Ulm University
89081 Ulm
Room: O27 413