M.Sc. Thomas Witte

My main research focus lies in improving the usablility and explainablility of robotic systems (ROS) using dynamic value tracking and dynamic architecture analysis. By annotating values from different sources with location information, we can create new user interfaces that allow the parametrization of our robots from higher abstraction levels, e.g. manipulating the source of a robot mission through its live visualization.

In our quadcopter lab, I supervise various student projects on changing topics. The lab offers a tangible approach to various software engineering concerns and robotics problems.

Research Projects

Quadcopter Lab

The lab offers a tangible approach to various SE & robotics problems.



Vogt, Andrea; Witte, Thomas; Tichy, Matthias; Seufert, Tina
Impact of a bidirectional 3D code pre-view on task performance and learning outcome
Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP 2021)
March 2021


Witte, Thomas; Tichy, Matthias
A Hybrid Editor for Fast Robot Mission Prototyping
Proc. of the 1st International Workshop on Explainable Software
November 2019
Witte, Thomas; Tichy, Matthias
Code Manipulation through Interactive Markers in a Live Preview
November 2019
Hoppenstedt, Burkhard; Witte, Thomas; Ruof, Jona; Kammerer, Klaus; Tichy, Matthias; Reichert, Manfred; Pryss, Rüdiger
Debugging Quadrocopter Trajectories in Mixed Reality
AVR 2019: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics
July 2019


Witte, Thomas; Tichy, Matthias
Checking Consistency of Robot Software Architectures in ROS
2018 IEEE/ACM 1st International Workshop on Robotics Software Engineering (RoSE)
May 2018