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The image above provides a general overview on teaching offerings of the Institute of Distributed Systems. It particularly visualizes possibilities for focusing your studies in different directions. Starting with mandatory lectures in the B.Sc. programs Introduction to Operating Systems and Introduction to Computer Networks, we then offer more specialized introductory courses available in the 3rd year of the B.Sc. or beginning of M.Sc. studies: "Fortgeschrittene Konzepte der Rechnernetze", Sicherheit in IT-Systemen and "Grundlagen Verteilter Systeme". These are foundations for highly-specialized courses in computer networks, distributed systems, and IT security. Such a line of specialization should ideally be coupled with a project module in the respective area. Beyond lectures and projects, we also regularly offer (pro-)seminars on the B.Sc. and M.Sc. level.

Please click on the respective course to find out details. Below you then find more information on current and previous courses offered by our institute since SS 2002. When you click on a course, you can also see in which semesters it was offered.


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