Get Active! Financial support for student projects by the International Office - Application possible at any time

Ulm University

Possibility to get financial support up to 500 Euro for projects organized by or with international students.

We promote little projects from one or more persons or groups that helps to integrate international students at Ulm University and Ulm City 

Therefore you can get a financial support up to 500,- Euro.

The project must contribute to the integration of international students at the university and in the city of Ulm (society, political, culture etc.) and internationalizing of Ulm University.

For example:
Do you want to find out more about your field of study? Organize a bilingual lecture for all students.

Do you want to talk about your country (political situation, language, particularities etc.)? Organisiert einen Vortrag für alle Studierende. Organize an event for all students.

Are you interested in a certain company? Organize a company visit for all students.

Your project could be all sorts of things maybe a talk, a debating club, a Workshop, an excursion or any other activity…

Do you want to organize a project and need money then send us an E-Mail!

Application HERE