Shortly after your Arrival

Health Insurance

Health insurance (private or public health insurance) is compulsory for all students in Germany.  For more information about the health insurance, please click here or make an appointment at the International Office.

If you are funded or supported by a partner organization of the DAAD, the DAAD is offering an affordable combined health, accident and liability insurance for you and your accompanying family members. For more information, please consult the DAAD website.

Residence Permit

In Germany, all residents are required to register at the local registration offices (Bürgeramt/Einwohnermeldeamt) within one week after their arrival.

In a first step, you have to present yourself at the local registration offices (Bürgeramt/Einwohnermeldeamt) with a valid passport and/or visa, proof of health insurance and your new address (e.g. by presenting your rental agreement).  

In a second step, you should apply for a residence permit at the local Alien department (Ausländerbehörde) within the first three months of your stay in Germany.  

For more information about the residence permit as well as the addresses of the authorities in Ulm and Neu-Ulm, please consult this section as well as our "Welcome to Ulm" website.

Enrolment at Ulm University

After being admitted as a doctoral student from the doctorate committee (Promotionsausschuss), you can enrol at Ulm University.  

As an enrolled doctoral student at Ulm University you have to pay the following fees per semester:

  • administration fees (Verwaltungskostenbeitrag): 70,00 €
  • contribution to the Student Service (Studierendenwerksbeitrag): 79,50 €
  • fee for the constituted student body (Verfasste Studierendenschaft): 16,31 €.

It is not compulsory for a doctoral candidate to enrol at Ulm University, however, as an enrolled doctoral student you will be entitled:

  • to use the services of the Student Services Organization (Studierendenwerk) such as, housing services, catering and dining service, the child care facilities and psychosomatic counceling.
  • to use public transportation at a discounted price (for more information, click here).
  • to get student discounts in many cultural institutions such as, museums, theaters and art galleries as well as in many sport facilities.

For further information on the enrolment process at Ulm University, click here.

Intercultural Training

The workshop is specially designed for international doctoral candidate and international students who are interested in the German behavior and their culture and want to successfully communicate with Germans. Here is the detailed description about the workshop: Intercultural competence is of vital importance for both international doctoral candidates and international students. Without this competence it will be difficult for you to solve problems arising at the social level as well as the academic level. Focusing on experiential methods, such as case studies, role plays, the workshop introduces not only German culture and Germans’ behavior but also German academic culture so as to help you better understand Germans and German society. At the same time, your intercultural competence and intercultural sensitivity will be further developed.

For registration and further information please contact Ms. Yang Na.    

Pension insurance

If you are employed, pension insurance is generally mandatory by law. The state-regulated pension insurance is taken directly off your gross salary. Employers and employees are charged with half of the contribution. As this process is automatic, the employee do not have to do anything. The employer is responsible for signing you up to the appropriate health insurance company, which in turn will proceed with signing you up to all other agencies within the social security.

Usually, scholarships are exempted of the obligation to contribute to the social insurance.

The Web Portal "Find your Pension"

The state pension insurance is part of the social security system in Germany as in most other EU/EEA countries. Additional coverage might be provided through other types of pension savings or insurances you will be affiliated with or contribute to during your entire career. To keep track of who will pay your pension later, it’s vital to distinguish between the different sources and the respective pension schemes. To get basic knowledge watch the introductory video of the website.

For more information please visit the "Find your pension" website.


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