Services and support for refugees

If you need advice or have any question about studying at Ulm University, feel free to contact the International Office; here you can get useful information on e.g.

  • learning German
  • application process
  • admission for studies
  • financial aid (e.g. scholarships).

Ulm University offers a preparatory course ("FOKuS Propaedeutic") that provides mainly German language courses, but also discipline-related courses and culture. Furthermore, it gives you the possibility to experiencecampus life at a German university and to connect with students and faculty members.

The Welcome Café is a regular meeting to exchange experiences, hints for living in Ulm, make contacts and to get in contact in an open and pleasant atmosphere. All (international) students, refugees and all interested parties are cordially invited.

Psychotherapeutische Hochschulambulanz der Universität Ulm (website available only in German) offers therapeutic services, such as trauma treatment, to people with health insurance.

Further Initiatives supporting refugees at Ulm University

Medinetz Ulm e.V.  (website available only in German) is a medical information centre for people without health insurance founded by medicine students. It mediates medical treatment for refugees, migrants and homeless people without health insurance anonymously and free of charge. No personal data will be collected or stored. After a consultation, appointments with a medical specialist who cooperates with the network may be arranged.

The association Menschlichkeit e.V. Ulm (website available only in German) offers tutorial classes as well as other kinds of support (buddy-project, help with filling in official forms/documents, child care, ...).

Students and other dedicated people use the annual festival contre le racism (Ulm) to fight against racism and to better the communication and understanding between locals and refugees.

Application via uni-assist

If you would like to apply for a study programme at Ulm University (please pay attention to the respective way of applying depending on your choice of study programme and the origin of your certifications/your nationality) or for the FOKuS Propaedeutic you can apply via uni-assist.

Important: For application via uni-assist an application fee has to be paid.