Orientation and introduction events at Ulm University

The University Training Camp is a great opportunity for all new students to brush up or refresh their mathematical knowledge (German-taught course).

Before the semester starts, the constituted student body (Verfasste Studierendenschaft) and subject-related student representatives (Fachschaften) offer introduction programmes (in German) to all new students. The programmes are called FUESE and Fach-Erstsemestereinführ-ungen. FUESE is a interdisciplinary and Fach-ESE is a subject specific introduction. These events offer helpful information for your studies and are a great opportunity to make initial contacts.

The International Office organises an Orientation Programme right before the semester starts.
You can also register for the Buddy Programme of the International Office.

Before departure

  1. Do I need a visa?
    If you plan on staying in Germany for more than three months, you may NOT enter Germany with a tourist visa. You cannot change a tourist visa into a student visa!
  2. Is my ID card/passport still valid?
  3. Where am I going to live?
  4. Are my German or English language skills sufficient? (Please note that the M.Sc. programmes taught in English have their own language requirements.)
  5. Which reports do I need for my application?
  6. What about health insurance?
  7. Do you want to study in a B.Sc. or M.Sc. programme taught in German or in a M.Sc. programme taught in English?
  8. Once you have settled on a study programme, you need to apply for a place.
    If you are from a country that is not in the EU, you will find more information here.
  9. Do I have enough money? - You will already have the first expenses a few days after your arrival:
    - Rent (€ 228-414 monthly, only at the Studierendenwerk)
    - Deposit for your room/flat (normally three months' rent)
    - Health insurance (ca. € 90 per month at a public health insurance company)
    - University fees (€ 161.50 consisting of the administrative fee of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Studierendenwerk fee and the fee for the constituted student body)
    - Fees of the Ausländerbehörde (authority for foreigners)
    - Linens and/or costs for furnishing your room (€ 100-150)
    - Costs for an EC-card when opening a new bank account (€ 20)
    - Living expenses
    - Tuition fees for foreign students (€ 1,500 per semester). EU citizens, exchange students, many refugees and other groups are excluded. Further information can be found here and here.

Please be aware that you might have to live off your own personal funds, financial support from your family or scholarships since jobs for students are subject to the economic situation or since you might have little or no time to work during your studies.

Documents you need to bring with you to Ulm/Neu-Ulm

  • Letter of acceptance from your respective university
  • Report of your higher eductaion entrance qualifiactions (original) and a notarized translation
  • If applicable: originals and notarized copies of your degrees and passed modules at your home university in German or English. If your reports are not in German or English originally, notarized translations will be needed
  • Proof of financial means (e.g. a confirmation of a scholarship or a statement from your parents documenting the amount of their monthly financial support - but at least €735.00) or a current bank statement
  • Proof of language skills
  • ID card/passport
  • If applicable: Visa
Additionally useful documents
  • Proof of health insurance [EU] (you can also take out a health insurance policy once you have arrived to Germany)
  • Multiple biometric photographs (can also be taken in Ulm/Neu-Ulm)
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Birth certificate
  • If needed: international driving licence or rather a German translation of your driving licence