Dishes and Dinnerware Exchange

New international students often come directly from abroad to Germany. The luggage space is as limited as the money for new acquisitions, especially at the beginning of the studies in cause of high financial costs at this time (security deposit for the rented room, visa costs, travel tickets, semester fees ...).
Since even furnished rooms usually do not contain dishes, many international students are happy if they can get basic cooking and eating utensils for free.

Therefore the International Office asks for dishes-donations:

Do you have any eating or cooking utensils that you need no longer? Are the dishes still good? This type of cook- and dinnerware we would like to receive during the advising hours for degree-seeking students and distribute it to beginning of the semesters or on demand for our new students.

If you study and want to have dishes outside of the introductory courses , please contact us: degree-students(at)