Advice and help is offered by the following institutions:

Central student advisory services (Zentrale Studienberatung)

  • For prospective students to find the right study programme
  • For new students, in order to overcome beginner's difficulties
  • For students with academic difficulties and problems
  • For recent graduates to ease the transition from college to work

Study subject advisory services (Studienfachberatung)

  • Information about the structure and content of a study programme
  • Information about the content of specific modules
  • Feasibility of getting through the study programme
  • Assistance with the selection of optional modules (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
  • Information about special requirements/elements of a study programme (work placements, etc.)

The Central Student Advisory Services and the Study Subject Advisory Services complemtent each other and work together very closely.

Study administration (Studiensekretariat)

  • Information about lectures and courses
  • Information about tuition fees, student loans or exemptions
  • Information about academic leave
  • Information on how to change your study programme
  • Registration for exams

Contact persons

International Office of Ulm University

  • Advice and support for international students (degree seeking and exchange students)
  • Advice and support for German students who are interested in going abroad for a work placement, studying or their thesis (one or two semesters)
  • Advice on scholarships for studying abroad
  • First place to go to for all international and exchange students who would like to study in Ulm.
  • Advice for international and PhD students concerning legal matters (e.g. residence permit, work permit)

The International Offices are not in charge of applications and admission of regular degree seeking students. Please contact the colleagues of the admissions office.


The StuVe/VS forms the “student government” of a university in Germany, offering support and help as well as representing the interests of all students. The implementation and the offered services of the StuVe/VS can vary from university to university (even the name can be different). Duties of the StuVe/VS include but are not estricted to the active shaping of the semester ticket policies, organising events, offering advice for students concerning financial matters and participation in many committees of the university, which decide on the use of funds, examination regulations, etc.

Basically, the StuVe/VS is always looking for dedicated students in order to maintain their big variety of services. The interests of all students can only be represented with the help of many diverse students. Are you interested? Please contact the StuVe/VS at your university directly:

Student Representative Bodies (Fachschaften)

All students of a faculty form the Fachschaft. However, the phrase Fachschaft more often refers to the students who are actively involved in the work of the Fachschaftsbüro (office). The Fachschaft helps students of their faculty with questions concerning exams and also represents the students’ interests within the faculty. Interested students are always welcome!

Fachschaften at Ulm University (only in German!)

Further groups at Ulm University

Family Service of Ulm University (Familienservice der Universität Ulm - only in German!)

  • Advice about job or study with children
  • Information and help with child care

Family Office of the city of Ulm (Familienbüro der Stadt Ulm - only in German!)

  • Advice about possibilities for child care in Ulm
  • Information about alternative care possibilities (short time support, babysitter services etc.)

Psychosocial Counselling Service (Psychosoziale Beratungsstelle - PBS)

All students with personal problems, e.g. fear of examinations, can contact the PBS, which is also offering a lot of courses and seminars.

Legal advice by the Studentenwerk Ulm

Legal advice in all matters concerning your studies or stay in Ulm is offered by the Studentenwerk.
Krstimir Krizaj, Manfred-Börner-Straße 5, Room C 156, 89081 Ulm, Tel. +49 (0)731/50-23851,

Ulm centre for guidance in eductaion of the Federal Labour Office, employment agency, Ulm University and Ulm University of Applied Sciences (only in German!)