Where and how can I open a bank account?
Where can I get an EC-card?
How much do I have to pay for a bank account?
How can I pay cashless in Germany?
Can I pay by credit card or with Travellers' Cheques?

Living expenses

Which factors should I take into consideration when estimating my monthly living expenses?
What are the average monthly living expenses to be expected in Ulm?

Study fees

How much are the tuition fees and any other study fees and how do I pay them?
Are there any exemptions from tuition fees?
Who can I contact in case I have questions?

Special rates for students

Are there any financial advantages/discounts for students?

Scholarships and BAföG

Where and how can I apply for a scholarship?
Are there any application requirements?
Which alternative funding options exist besides scholarships?
Who is eligible for BAföG and where can I apply?

Jobs and work placements

What is the legal basis for jobs and work placements?
What do I need to pay attention to?
How can I find a job (during or after my studies) or a work placement?