How to get to Ulm

Getting to Ulm by train

A note on the German train system
The German train company is called Deutsche Bahn. When searching for a train station / ticket counter look for their logo (DB in red letters). Information on train connections, tickets and special offers is available on the website of Deutsche Bahn.
There are three different types of long-distance trains:

  • IR/IRE (Interregio/Interregio express): only covers shorter distances. For examaple, there is no direct IR/IRE between Ulm and Berlin, but there is one connecting Stuttgart with Lake Constance via Ulm. IR/IREs are mostly the cheapest option.
  • EC (Eurocity) or IC (Intercity): covers longers distances within Germany and has in some cases even destinations in neighbouring countries. They are a bit more expensive but are faster and more comfortable than IR/IREs.
  • ICE (Intercity Express): travels similar distances/routes to an EC or IC but has less stops along the way and is therefore faster and the most expensive option.

Ticket prices vary depending on the type of train. Another factor contributing to the ticket price is the time of booking, since the earlier you book your ticket, the more likely it is that there are savings fares or other special offers available. When planning your trip you should ask your travel agent for offers of Rail&Fly, i.e. airlines that cooperate with Deutsche Bahn (DB) and offer combined plane and train tickets.

From Frankfurt Airport long-distance station (Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Fernbahnhof) (travel time: ca. 2 - 2:30 h)
Please follow the DB signposts to the railway station. The price for a 2nd class ticket one-way to Ulm, depending on the type of train, is approximately € 75. As direct trains are not available on all days and at all times, you might have to change trains once or twice (Mannheim in most cases, sometimes Stuttgart). There are one to two fast trains every hour.

From Munich Airport (travel time: ca. 2 - 2:20 h)
Please follow the DB/S signposts to the railway station. The price for a 2nd class ticket one-way to Ulm, depending on the type of train, is approx. € 30 - 45. Take the local fast train (S-Bahn) S1 or S8 to Munich Central Station (München Hauptbahnhof). From Munich Central Station, there are usually 2 - 3 fast trains to Ulm every hour.

From Stuttgart Airport (travel time: ca. 1:30 - 2 h)
Please follow the DB/S signposts to the railway station. The price for a 2nd class ticket one-way to Ulm, depending on the type of train, is approx. € 17 - 30. Take the local fast train (S-Bahn) S2 or S3 to Stuttgart Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). There are usually 3 - 4 direct trains to Ulm every hour.

From Ulm Central Station to campus you can either take a taxi (about € 8) or the tram (runs approx. every 10 minutes, depending on day of the week and time of day).

Getting to university by public bus

The university is for example served by the tram line 2 and the bus number 5. They run directly from the main station and many other stops in Ulm. We recommend taking the tram line 2 (destination "Science Park II"), as it takes the fastest and most direct route. During the days on weekdays, the tram runs at least every 10 minutes (even more often during lecture times) and the journey from Ulm main station to campus takes about 10 minutes.

There are several bus stops on campus:

Bus stop: Universität Süd
Southern entrance to the main building with Mensa (canteen), departments of Computer Science, Dentistry, Natural Sciences, Hospital of Internal Medicine

Bus stop: Botanischer Garten
About 5-minute walk to Helmholtzstraße (University Board, Department of Mathematics and Economics, Institute of Diabetes Technology, Institute of Laser Technologies in Medicine, Institute of Dynamic Material Testing, Institute of Solar Energy and Hydrogen Technology, Institute of Optical Fibres and Sensors, Science Park I), Student services in Albert-Einstein-Allee 5 (central students advisory services, Admissions Office, International Office); Medical Faculty (Dean's Office)

Bus stop: Kliniken Wissenschaftsstadt
Surgical ward, Hospital of Internal Medicine, military hospital (Bundeswehrkrankenhaus), Rehabilitation Hospital

Bus stop: Universität West
School of Engineering, Psychology, Science Park II

Bus stop: Manfred-Börner-Straße
Student residence Upper West Side

Getting to university by car

From the Autobahn A-8 Stuttgart - München take the exit Ulm-West with direction to Ulm, from there take the second exit Universität / Wissenschaftsstadt (Science City). Follow the left lane; at the traffic light turn left onto the campus - you are immediately on Albert-Einstein-Allee.