Regular degree students who are still in their home countries

Finding Housing in Ulm

It is very difficult to find furnished rooms or apartments in Ulm. International Students who don’t live in Germany already are therefore advised to use the housing reservation service offered by the International Office.

The International Office cannot give assistance in finding private accommodation or home stays! Therefore, please inform yourself on the following web pages.

Helpful Links

Private Housing

Temporary Housing

Room Reservation Service

The International Office will make reservations for rooms in the student residences maintained by Studierendenwerk Ulm (Student Housing Authority) exclusively for students who live in a foreign country at the moment of their application.

Therefore please fill out this form and send it to Ms. Kast (margit.kast[at] The International Office will try to arrange a contract with the Studierendenwerk Ulm for you. As there is only a limited number of rooms, this cannot be guaranteed.

If you are assigned a room, you will receive your Housing Assignment by email attachment. Please print out the letter and read all the information carefully. You must then sign the Housing Acceptance form and return it to the International Office within 1 week by fax or email attachment; in addition, you must send the original document by regular mail.

If you are unhappy with the assignment, you may refuse the room; however, you will then have to make your own housing arrangements; we cannot make you an alternative offer.

If you accept the room, the International Office will sign a contract with the Studierendenwerk in your name. You are now liable for the rent payments for the full duration of the lease as specified in your housing assignment. After arrival, you have to co-sign the room contract and will receive your own copy.

If you have to cancel your housing contract before arrival because your Visa application has been denied or for other reasons, Studierendenwerk Ulm will try to find another tenant to take over your contract. However, you remain liable for a maxmimum of 2 months lease if their efforts should be unsuccessful.

The lease is temporary and will automatically expire after 6 semesters. If you want to move out earlier, you will have to give at least 8 weeks' notice. You may only move out at the end of a semester.

Contact Information

All communication with the Studierendenwerk Ulm concerning the accommodation is coordinated by the International Office. If you have any question concerning your housing reservation, housing assignment or contract, please contact:

Ms. Margit Kast: margit.kast[at]

Please note:

The International Office has no influence over the room assignments. Rooms will be assigned by the Studierendenwerk Ulm based upon availability. This means that we cannot predict when the housing assignments will be available, nor in which residence you will be placed. Unfortunately, the International Office cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive a room.

Security Deposit

All students renting a room in a student residence must pay a security deposit of €300 and pay the first month's lease in advance by international bank transfer.

Students will receive the bank details together with their Housing Assignment and Housing Acceptance form.

At the end of their stay, students must have a check-out meeting with the residence manager. If there are no complaints concerning your room, i. e. if everything is well-cleaned, no items are damaged or missing and the tenant is not any financial debts to the Studentenwerk, the €300 will be fully refunded. Otherwise, the amount you owe, e.g. for repairs, replacements or cleaning, will be deducted from the deposit.

Please note that all bank charges for transferring the money are to be borne by the student.


Studentenwerk Ulm will arrange for the refund of the security deposit about 8 weeks after the check-out.

Please fill out the Security Deposit Refund form and hand it in to the International Office before your departure.

If you want the refund to be made to a bank account outside of Germany, you have to provide your international bank code (BIC) and your international bank account number (IBAN) for this transfer. You should get in contact with your home bank very early in order to obtain these data.

Please be aware that any bank charges will be deducted from your refund!

German Bank Account

All students from countries outside the eurozone must open a bank account with a German bank immediately after their arrival in Ulm and give a direct debit authorization (Einzugsermächtigung) to the Studierendenwerk Ulm. Studierendenwerk Ulm will then withdraw the monthly rent plus additional fees directly from this account at the beginning of each month.
Students coming from a country within the eurozone may use a bank account form their respective home country for this purpose.

Students must make sure that they always have enough money in this account.

It is not possible to make rent payments in cash, by check or credit card.

Room Rates

More information about dorms and rental prices are available here.

Additional Fees

Studierendenwerk Ulm charges

  • a one-time fee of € 20 for every new contract issued
  • a one-time fee of € 30 for renting bedding (pillow & blanket) and linens for at most 1 year if needed or
    a one-time fee of € 70 for purchasing bedding (pillow & blanket) and linens otherwise if needed

These fees are withdrawn from the given bank account during the first month.

Please note:

Studierendenwerk Ulm is a non-profit organization. This means that rental prices must be 100% cost-efficient. In case that actual costs e.g. for repairs, maintenance, energy etc. rise during a certain period, Studierendenwerk Ulm is obliged and has the right to raise prices at short notice, even though you may have a lease for a longer period!

The kitchens are neither furnished with pans or pots nor with dishes or cutlery.

Starting Date – Moving In

Contracts always start on the first day of any given month and end on the last day of any given month. It is not possible to rent a room on a weekly basis or for half months.

In principle, it is not possible to move into a room before the actual start of the contract, nor is it possible to move in on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) or bank holidays. For each student moving in, the International Office must make an appointment in advance and collect the keys. This is usually done on the first working day of the month.

In practice this means that even though a contract will start on the first day of a month, students should not plan to arrive in Ulm on that day, as it will not be possible to move in. In those months which start on a weekend, it may not be possible to move in until the 4th or 5th day of the month! Bank holidays may also contribute to a delay.

Check in is always possible at the 2nd working day of a month. Please come to the Help Desk of the International Office to pick up your keys.

Opening Times:

Monday – Friday 09:00-14:00

Tuesday 09:00-17:00


Students suffering from any chronic illness or physical handicap which requires special housing facilities are kindly asked to inform us about their condition and requirements. It is important to point out that there are only very few rooms in student residences that are wheelchair accessible and that these rooms are not available at short notice.

Students with disabilities planning to come to Ulm are therefore well advised to get in touch with the International Office as soon as possible.

Special Needs

Students who do not wish to share a suite with members of the opposite sex for religious or cultural reasons are kindly asked to mention this preference.

Extension or Shortening of Stay

Please get in contact with the Studierendenwerk Ulm directly.


Even if you should withdraw your application and not come to Ulm for whatever reason, you still remain liable for the rental payments until the Studierendenwerk has been successful in finding another person to take over your contract. Depending on the time you inform us of your decision, this may result in claims of up to two months’ rent!

Check-Out from Student Residence (Studentenwerk)

When you move out of your dorm room, you must have a check-out appointment ("Auszugsübergabe") with the caretaker ("Hausmeister“). You need to make this appointment at least three weeks in advance. Check-outs are only done on working days (Monday – Friday) during the normal working hours of the caretakers. Check-outs are not possible on weekends or public holidays.
Keep in mind that at the end of a month/semester, many students may be moving out and the caretakers have to coordinate many such appointments).

It is mandatory that you or another witness are physically present at the check-out. If you cannot be present yourself, you may appoint a proxy. You must authorize this proxy in writing.

Bring the inventory ("Inventarverzeichnis") to the check-out (this is the green carbon copy which you received when you arrived). On this form, the caretaker will note if anything is missing or if there is any damage. If the caretaker decides that you are responsible for a damage or did not clean properly, you will be charged for the replacement, the repair of the damage or a professional cleaning. You will either be billed for the expenses or this amount will be deducted from your security deposit.

You must clean your room(s) before the check-out appointment. Residents in doublettes or suites must also clean the communal rooms (kitchen, toilet and/or bathroom) before the check-out. Cleaning should include:

  • Washing windows and frames
  • Wiping drawers, cupboards and wardrobes
  • Laundering mattress cover (not above 30°C)
  • Removing nails and hooks from the walls, smoothing holes of screw anchors
  • Cleaning refrigerator, hotplate and stove
  • Removing mould and lime in shower, sink and toilet
  • Cleaning toilet, sink and mirror
  • Removing black marks or lines on the floor (if applicable)
  • Sweeping all floors
  • Painting the walls if the walls are dirty and/or the original colour has been changed. The paint will be provided by the facility managers - no other product may be used.

At the end of the check-out you have to hand over your keys to the caretaker. You cannot stay in your room after check-out. Keys cannot be turned in at the International Office or the Studierendenwerk main office.