Buddy Programme: learn together, celebrate together - live together

What is the Buddy Programme?

The Buddy Program is designed to help international students find their way at the university and to facilitate the settling in Ulm. The cross-cultural encounter between students plays a crucial role especially during the first and second semester. The program's intentions are to encourage the exchange of cultures, languages and expericence abroad and the development of new friendships. The Buddy Program is essentially based on the voluntary efforts of Ulm University's students. It is part of the wider project “Programm für die Förderung der Integration ausländischer Studierender” at Ulm University

Who is a buddy-team?

A Buddy-team consists of one experienced and one new student. The teams are formed by the International Office, according to the the information in your registration.

The experienced Buddies are students of Ulm University, who volunteered to support you in their free time. Even though they are no professional consultants, they provide you with useful advice to ease your settling in Ulm.

Why do I need a buddy?

If you come from abroad, you may be paired with a Buddy right after your arrival in Ulm to help you getting to know the city and your new university in the first few semesters. He or she is also the first opportunity for you to become better acquainted with experienced students.

As an experienced Buddy you will have the opportunity to gather "experience abroad" and intercultural competence right here in Ulm. You will get to know international students and their cultures and languages as well as introduce your own culture to others.

How do I become a buddy? OR How do I find a buddy?

  1. Filling out the registration form: Simply fill out the registration form and send it via e-mail or post to the International Office, Buddy. Of course, you can always personally drop it off at the International Office. Please remember: the more accurately you fill out the registration form, the better we can find your “perfect” match.
  2. Waiting for confirmation: Once we have received your registration, we will send you a confirmation and information about dates and events within the Buddy Program.

How do I get into contact with my Buddy?

  1. Matching of registrations: Once we have received enough registrations, we will build Buddy pairs taking individual requests into account.
  2. Information on Buddies: After the matching of registrations we will notify you and your new Buddy and equip you with the necessary contact information, and arrival dates if available.
  3. Contact with your Buddy: Now, there should be no more obstacles for getting to know your new Buddy.
  4. Buddy-Welcome-Meeting: At the beginning of each new semester, there will be a Buddy Meeting organized by the International Office. There, everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed, cosy atmosphere and learn about various activities within the program.
  5. Feedback: We ask all participants of the Buddy Program for a response at the end of the semester (feedback form). On the one hand, we are interested in a general feedback because we are always seeking to adapt our offerings to your needs. On the other hand, we would like to know if you still want to accompany your Buddy" for at least another semester or if you, an experienced Buddy, are glad to help new arriving international students in forthcoming semesters. 

If there are any problems, e.g. your Buddy does not answer or never seems to have time, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can only help if we are informed.

Further information...

Here you will find further information, whether you are a:

         experienced student of Ulm University
         new international student

You are welcome to contact us with further questions:

          e-mail: Buddy

We wish all the participants of the Buddy Program lots of fun and joy and hope that by joining the program friendships across national borders can be formed.



Claudia Rodopman

Advising Hours:
Tuesday:12:30 - 14:30
Thursday:09:00 - 11:30

Did you know.....
We can issue a certificate for your participation in the Buddy Programme

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