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cross-cultural exchange - study, celebrate and live together

The Buddy Programme is intended to help new international students to find their way around Ulm University. New students get to know experienced students who support them with questions of study and life in Ulm.

The Buddy Program is largely based on the voluntary commitment of the students of the University of Ulm.

Informations for experienced future Buddy Mentors

  • Be a experienced Buddy Mentor!

    Do you enjoy dealing with people? Are you interested in other cultures and ways of life?

    You are at least in your second semester, i.e. you know Ulm and the University of Ulm very well? You treat other people with respect?

    Then apply as a Buddy Mentor*in and actively help to welcome newly arriving foreign and refugee students to Ulm and support them in their first orientation in Ulm and the university.



  • Tasks as experienced Buddy Mentor*in

    You are the first contact person for everyday and study questions and should therefore plan a little more time in the first weeks. Maybe you can pick him/her up at the train station, take him/her to the new dormitory or to the authorities.

    After that, the average time required is 2-4 semester hours per week or every second week. Please accompany him/her to important introductory events or dates at the start of the semester (if desired). Please meet regularly and do something together (use the welcome voucher booklet!).

    Please come to the events that the Buddy Program organizes especially for you!

    You don't have to take care of your Buddy 24 hours a day and aren't her/his life advisor (you can refer to the appropriate places).

  • advantages for an experienced Buddy Mentor

    Through this intercultural encounter you will become part of an international network. You can expand your knowledge of other countries and possibly your language skills.

    All events of the Buddy Programme in which you can participate are free of charge!

    For your voluntary and socio-intercultural engagement in the Buddy Programme, you can receive a certificate from us, for which you will receive bonus points at ERASMUS applications. Please note that you have to fill out a feedback form.

    You can also receive the volunteer card of the city of Ulm, which entitles you to discounts on cultural, leisure and training activities.

  • Tips

    Clarify right at the beginning how you want to communicate (email, facebook, Whats up...) and how often you can meet.

    Maybe make a fixed date and a day when you want to do something together.

    Please be punctual and reliable, so you show mutual respect!

    Talk about your expectations.

    Talk about similarities and differences between the two countries.

    If there are any difficulties, feel free to contact the Buddy Team!

Information for new international and refugee students

  • How are you supported?

    You will be assigned a contact person for all everyday and study questions who will accompany you for 1-2 semesters. He/she can also, if desired, pick you up from the train station, accompany you to the dormitory/apartment and support you in all official matters.

    Your Buddy Mentor assists you in organising your studies and answers questions about your subject.

    He/she can also give you tips for leisure activities.

    He or she will help you with your questions about Ulm University and the special features of the Swabians in Ulm. You can expand your language skills and your knowledge of Germany.

    For your regular meetings you can use the Welcome Voucher Booklet, which lists discounts for leisure and cultural activities!

    Please also take part in the FREE Buddy events organized for you!

    Furthermore, within the framework of the Buddy Programme, you will have the opportunity to participate in various seminars on the subject of "Intercultural Competence" free of charge and certified. This offers you the chance to acquire skills that are in great demand on the job market and are already key qualifications in many professions.

    If difficulties arise, you are welcome to contact the Buddy Team with confidence!

  • What can´t you expect?

    Of course your Buddy Mentor will not be available 24 hours a day. The Buddy Mentors are volunteer students of the University of Ulm who are willing to support you in their free time. They do not receive any expense allowance.

    Please don't forget that your Buddy also has a time-consuming study to master.

    The time and duration of your meetings is not specified, you should agree on the time organization of your meetings together. How much you and your buddy reveal about your private life is completely up to you.

  • What are the benefits?

    In addition to the possibility of making new friends with people from other countries, intercultural encounters through mutual learning from each other play a central role.

    Take the opportunity to have an  intercultural contact.

  • Tips

    Discuss together in advance how you want to contact each other (email, Facebook, WhatsUp, etc.) and what you expect from each other.

    Also talk about the frequency of your meetings. At the beginning try to make and keep fixed appointments, later maybe also regular appointments like once a week or every two weeks.

    Please keep to your appointments and arrive punctually for the meetings.

    Respect your Buddy, his or her wishes, decisions and views and try to understand him or her.

How do I become a Buddy?

  1. Matching of registrations: Once we have received enough registrations, we will build Buddy pairs taking individual requests into account.
  2. Information on Buddies: After the matching of registrations we will notify you and your new Buddy and equip you with the necessary contact information, and arrival dates if available.
  3. Contact with your Buddy: Now, there should be no more obstacles for getting to know your new Buddy.
  4. Buddy-Welcome-Meeting: At the beginning of each new semester, there will be a Buddy Meeting organized by the International Office. There, everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed, cosy atmosphere and learn about various activities within the program.
  5. Feedback: We ask all participants of the Buddy Program for a response at the end of the semester (feedback form). On the one hand, we are interested in a general feedback because we are always seeking to adapt our offerings to your needs. On the other hand, we would like to know if you still want to accompany your Buddy" for at least another semester or if you, an experienced Buddy, are glad to help new arriving international students in forthcoming semesters. 
  6. Filling out the registration form: Simply fill out the registration form at the button. Please remember: the more accurately you fill out the registration form, the better we can find your “perfect” match.
  7. Confirmation: You will get a automatic confirmation after registrtation. At the end of the semester term or at the beginning of the next semester term you get information about your BUDDY partner. You will get also information about dates and events within the Buddy Program.

If there are any problems, e.g. your Buddy does not answer or never seems to have time, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can only help if we are informed.


Claudia Rodopman

Advising Hours:
Tuesday:12:30 - 14:30
Thursday:09:00 - 11:30

Did you know ...

We can issue a certificate for your participation in the Buddy Programme


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